Two UN Experts See Signs That Russian State Poisoned Navalni

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They warn the Russian authorities that if their guilt “is proven”, those responsible could be prosecuted.

They demand the opening of an “international investigation” given the “inadequate response” of the Government to the assassination attempt.

Everything points to the fact that the Russian state was responsible for the poisoning of blogger Alekséi Navalni in the summer of 2020. Furthermore, the “inadequate response” and the lack of interest of the Russian government and justice in the case should lead to the opening of a ” i international esearch ” to clarify the incident.

These are, broadly speaking, the conclusions reached by two UN sectoral researchers, after examining and studying the available information for several months regarding the attempted assassination of the main opposition leader in the Eurasian giant .

The two international officials, Agnes Callamard , UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, and Irene Khan , her counterpart on freedom of expression and opinion , have addressed a harsh letter to the Russian Government in which they denounce the “probable involvement” of Russian officials high level in the unsuccessful assassination attempt, alluding to the inaccessibility of the toxic substance used.

“The knowledge necessary to handle and develop new modalities of Novichok such as that found in the samples taken from Navalni can only be found in state actors “, reads the text.

Targeted killing pattern
Due to the seriousness of the incident , which “apparently” repeats a ” pattern of targeted killings” and in which ” chemical weapons were used “, as well as “the lack of initiative from the Government to investigate the poisoning”, Callamard and Khan consider justified the opening of an “urgent international investigation”.

In their letter to the Russian authorities, both women warn Moscow of the possibility of senior Russian officials being taken to court, should the accusations be confirmed, either “for ordering or participating in an assassination attempt. “, either ” undertake such actions “, an undisguised warning to the highest echelons of the Kremlin.

The existence of the two rapporteurs’ brief was made known precisely the same day that the EU officially approved the sanctions against four high-ranking officials of the Russian State due to the ‘Navalni case’, specifically Igor Krasnov , Attorney General, Aleksándr Kalashnikov , the commander of the National Guard, Víktor Zolotov , and the head of the Investigation Committee, Aleksándr Batryshkin , using for the first time a mechanism approved in December by the Twenty-seven to punish serious human rights violations.

Russia, through its Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksándr Grushko , has accused the EU of following “a path contrary to the law” and has promised a response from Moscow.

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