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Types of Legal Consultancy Firms

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Types of Legal Consultancy Firms

Legal Consultants, in theory, are lawyers but instead of representing anyone for the court, they advise and sometimes represent companies or important individuals who need expert counsel. Legal Consulting Firms are groups of Legal Consultants in Dubai which are either connected to a specific sector delivering advice and based the requirements. Legal consultants need to be expert in the domain they are offering the legal support. Let’s discuss about the types of Law Firms.  

A Law Firm for Legal Consultants in Dubai needs to be aware of federal laws, Emirate Laws and other rules as well as the registration processes that need to be followed for business development, business management and business growth. These Consulting firms must recommend the best practices and standards. 

The Consultants known as the Medical Consultants are responsible for handling legal cases related to healthcare. The person must check, analyze and organize the medical records. Furthermore, based on the study, they suggest legal steps that need to be undertaken or laws that need to be followed. If these Legal Consultants are also lawyers then, then they can take up the Court Cases for the Damages, Civil Compensations, etc.  

Business Legal Advisors or Business Law Firms do have with the responsibility of providing legal consultation to businesses, and organizations. Business Legal Consultants in Dubai are at home in the laws, proceedings, regulations, and statutory rules. Dubai is home to international businesses, and legal consulting services are required by almost all big Corporates and organizations. 

Labour Law Consultations have the duty of delivering the legal advice to firms that are specialized in marketing. They understand the laws that marketing firms need to abide by and follow. The consultants must provide the necessary guidance and recommendation to their clients. They are expert in UAE Labour Law. They are expert in Labour Law Litigations, Document Drafting, Labour Law Documents etc. 

A legal tech consultant assists lawyers with the best practices, and regulations of the security. The person helps them to decide on the tools and software to be adopted for the best interest of the organization. 

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Legal Management consultants provide services to management consultants for the applicability of laws in providing solutions for complex business processes and operational problems. These consultants suggest rules and regulations be followed in management services. 

Legal Consultants for Criminal Law, are meant to offer the legal services/counselling on different criminal matters like Felony, Misdemeanor, Robbery, Theft, Violent Crime, etc. They advise for the police investigations, public prosecution investigations and the criminal court investigations.   

The other types of Legal Consultants can also be hired, which is Real Estate Legal Consultants, IT Legal Consultants, Wills and Succession Planning Advisors etc. The way Advocates and Legal Consultants are hired and from hired, it plays a big role. However, United Arab Emirates only allow the professional and good lawyers to practice.   

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