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If I use someone’s NETFLIX account, will they know?



If I use someone’s NETFLIX account, will they know?

Binge-watching popular movies and TV shows on Netflix is a common pastime. Everyone loves this streaming platform.

You must be wondering if using someone else’s Netflix account will let them know. Is it legal to use someone’s Netflix account without permission? What can they do if they find out you have been using their Netflix account? This article will help answer your questions.

Let’s dive deep into this.

I. Will Netflix notify the other person when you use their account?

Yes, they will get an email from Netflix informing them that there has been a new sign-in to their account. The streaming service also informs its users about the number of unauthorized login attempts. 

  • Another way they can know is when they login to their Netflix account, a pop-up may appear stating, “Your account is in use on another device” or “Too many people are using your account.”
  • This possibility may differ depending on the subscription type. Suppose the other person has opted for the basic plan; then, only one device can view the content simultaneously. The limit increases to 2 and 4 devices for standard and premium packages, respectively. So whenever the limit of watching screens exceeds, the account owner may see the pop-ups.
  • They can also get to know by looking at recently viewed shows and movies since they might differ from what they watched last.

II. Is it legal to use another person’s Netflix account without permission?

It is possible but Netflix’s policy mentions that it is not to be shared. Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, indicated that it is perfectly OK. It attracts numerous new subscribers as once someone gets habituated, they are highly inclined to create their account. But remember, it’s only ethical when the other person has shared their login details with their consent and has no issue with you using their Netflix.

Netflix plans offer a limited number of screenings, implying they will know that someone is using their account if the limit exceeds it. So, if they don’t know you and you are watching Netflix content through their account, then there’s a possibility you may not be able to watch their Netflix the next time. 

III. What can they do if they find unauthorized access to their Netflix account?

  • They can first go to their settings and sign out of all the connected devices. Next, they can change their password, so the unauthorized user cannot access their Netflix account.
  • Also, they can find your IP address by watching their recent device streaming activity.
  • The other person can also take help from the Netflix customer support team to resolve the issue.

About Netflix:

Netflix is a subscription-based video streaming app that allows users to view original shows, films, etc., on any smart device without ad breaks. Netflix videos differ significantly by area and are subject to revision. Famous Netflix original series, TV programs, films, documentaries, and even more are available to stream.


If you are a family member or a friend of the other person, you can go to your profile (which they must have set up in their account for your use) and binge-watch Netflix. But if you are unknown to the other person and if you are using their account, it might create trouble for you. Thus, you should make an account on Netflix and watch it whenever and wherever you want.

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