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Is Venmo safe for Facebook Marketplace?


Is Venmo safe for Facebook Marketplace?

In the vast sea of online payment services, Venmo is making waves with a fast and safe mobile payment experience where you can pay, get paid, and even shop. It has been in the business since 2009, and nobody questions its authenticity. 

But is Venmo safe for Facebook Marketplace? This is a question many might still ask. So sit back and read ahead to find out the answer.

Is Venmo safe for Facebook Marketplace?

The clear answer to this question will be that it depends on you. Venmo overall is a safe app to transact amongst friends and family whom you know will not scam you. But if you are dealing with strangers, tread with caution, as Venmo can become the hotbed of scams. 

How can you get scammed on Venmo?

One of the most famous Venmo scams includes a potential buyer asking to make payments through Venmo via installments. By doing that, they can send you less than what was promised, and as the seller, you might not even know about it. 

These payments are also irreversible, meaning you have a meager chance of being reimbursed. So before using apps like Venmo, be extra cautious of all the tricks scammers use on Venmo.

How to avoid scams on Venmo?

Here are some ways with which you might be able to counter scammers on Venmo.

  • Crooks scam by overpaying at first and then demanding the change via Venmo. If possible, do not accept more than what is the price.
  • Check the email address of Venmo carefully, as scammers can use fake email Ids to send notifications from Venmo.
  • Inform Facebook Marketplace as soon as you realize you got scammed or are in the process.
  • If possible, try to make Venmo transactions with people you know. Use PayPal or Meta(Facebook) Pay for the Facebook Marketplace, as they have better security options. 
  • Do not enter your Venmo details anywhere except or the official Venmo app.


1) Do you need a bank account for Venmo?

Yes, like any online payment app, Venmo requires you to enter your bank details to make transactions. So, you must link your Venmo account with your bank account.

2) Are PayPal and Venmo the same?

They are similar as they offer free payment services from bank accounts. Their services might differ, but they belong to the same industry.

3) Does Venmo charge a fee?

Any transaction from the user’s bank account, debit card, or Venmo cash balance is free of cost. But in the case of a credit card payment Venmo charges a 3% fee from the sender.

4) Why is Venmo asking for my Social Security Number?

They must obtain your Social Security number to verify your identity and ensure their customers do not fall prey to identity theft or fraud.

Wrapping It Up

Venmo is an excellent app for making payments within a safe circle of people, as even the creators accept they made it for that purpose. But now that more people are using Venmo to buy and sell things, they are slowly adjusting their security policies to counter scams.

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