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How Much do Video Ads Pay on Apps?

Video Ads Pay on Apps


How Much do Video Ads Pay on Apps?

The general trend of the last several years has been that people spend most of their mobile time on apps and not on any web browser. Thus, mobile advertisers and publishers have started to emphasize on running ad campaigns in mobile apps to find new users and maximize their revenue, respectively.

Quantifying revenues from video ads on your app?

Video ads are a new genre of ad gaining huge popularity amongst users and advertises.

Monetization platform Unity Ads found that 62% of mobile gamers regularly view rewarded video ads in exchange for a quality gaming experience and 71% find this advertising preferable to other methods.

Factors on which ad revenues depend

But the answer to how much do video ads pay on apps is very subjective. It depends on numerous factors.

Mobile ad rates vary per industry, ad delivery channel, geolocation, mobile operating system, and more.

There are however two factors on which the amount of money made by apps per ads generally depend:

  • Genre of the Ad
  • Type of Ad unit
Source: Mobile Ecosystem Forum

In the case of rewarded video ads, the average revenue per impression in the US is $0.02 and for interstitials, the average revenue per completion is $0.06.

How Much do Video Ads Pay on Apps?

To give you an idea of how much do video ads pay on apps, here is a list of some of the rewarded video ads. Remember, one of the core metrics of digital advertising is eCPM meaning effective cost-per-thousand which in simpler terms is the ad revenue generated per 1,000 ad impressions.


Country eCPMs/Revenues


UK $10 for Android and $17 for iOS


US $12 on Android and $16 on iOS


US $13 on Android and $12 on iOS

Unity Ads

US $9 on Android and $8 on iOS

Local Advertisers

India Android is around $1, iOS is in the range of $5


UK $3-$5 for both formats


US Around $12 to $15, both formats


US Around $5 for both formats

Source: Blognife, Businessofapps

Similarly here is a list of some of the interstitial video ads and their revenues.


Country eCPMs/Revenues


US $11 iOS, $6 on Android


UK Up to $10 on iOS, up to $7 Android


US Up to $2


UK $2.5: Androids. For iOS: $2.5 to $7.5


US $3-$10 – US only rate

Source: AdtoApp, Businessofapps

How to measure revenues from Video Ads On Your App?

App developers have to rely on several app metrics to measure their ad revenue, like:

  • ARPU

How to increase Revenue?

To increase in-app ad revenue, app developers must put together a highly efficient ad monetization strategy. It is also advisable to not bombard apps with a lot of ads, as it can become a potential cause behind the uninstallation of apps by users. The simple key to keep boosting ad revenue is building high-performing ad units, like rewarded video ads and playable ads, at high-converting points in the app flow.  Read here in detail.

Top 10 Mobile Advertising Companies

  • Adikteev – Data driven app marketing platform
  • App Annie – Unlock advertising, monetization and acquisition ROI with Ascend
  • RichAds – No. 1 Mobile Ad network for Scaling Ad Campaigns
  • Zoomd – Know More, Do More
  • Kevel – Build a custom ad server in just weeks
  • HUAWEI Ads – Mobile Marketing Platform tailored for HUAWEI devices
  • BidMind by Fiksu – Reach your ideal audience from the comfort of their living room with our programmatic media buying platform
  • Adjust – Mobile Measurement Partner
  • Jampp – Unlock new growth
  • InMobi- Driving Real Connections

Huge Potential

  • It is important to understand the tremendous potential of ad revenues through apps, which will only grow manifold in the future. In 2020 mobile users globally spent 3 hours 40 minutes daily in-app, an increase of 20%.
  • According to the research reports, there has been a download of 33.6 billion apps in the year 2020. And with this comes the great potential of generating high revenues via in-app advertising.
  • As per the data on Google Developers, the revenue and users of Google AdMob, one of the top application to deploy ads and generate revenue,

“More than 1 million apps use Google AdMob to generate a reliable revenue stream, with more than $1 billion paid to developers.

  • This is only a small percentage of the huge streams of revenue being generated from ads on apps.

So, maximum your profits by deploying a video ad on your app.

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