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How To Use A Visa Gift Card On PS4?



How To Use A Visa Gift Card On PS4?

You must have received a Visa gift card from people or stores you like. Yet, sometimes the process of getting the benefits can be confusing. You might not be able to understand how to redeem it.

If you want to use it for PS4, this article is here to rescue you from all the hassle. Let’s understand how to use a Visa gift card on PS4.


  1. Open the Playstation store website (Click HERE for easy access)
  2. Sign in to your Playstation account.
  3. Look for the Menu option and click on it.
  4. You will find an option that says “Account” choose this option to find a drop-down menu.
  5. The drop-down menu will have two options; choose the option that says “Manage Account.
  6. Within the “Manage Account” page, you will find an option that says “Payment Management” choose this option to take you to the Payment Settings.
  7. Now choose the option that says “Add a payment method“.
  8. It will not take you to a page that allows you to add new payment methods. Choose the option that says “Add debit or credit card.
  9. You now need to fill in your gift card details. These would include:
    1. The card number
    2. The cardholder name
    3. The end date
    4. CVV, etc.
  10. Once you have filled in the details, save the information by clicking on the option “save“. You will now see a message saying, “Your card has been successfully added, Use this money to purchase anything you like.”

(You can use your own name for the option that asks you to fill in the cardholder name, use your address or the mailing address in case you are asked to fill in an address.) Ensure you fill in the correct Zipcode.

If you have a Visa gift card and are looking to buy something on Steam, click HERE to know how to use Visa gift cards on Steam.



I. What happens when using a Visa gift card?

The Visa gift card is prepaid, and you can make purchases at any store or online retailer in the United States that accepts Visa debit cards. Your gift card’s value decreases each time you make a purchase until it reaches zero.

II. Can the gift card withdraw cash from ATMs?

ATMs with the following symbols: PULSE, NYCE, STAR, and Plus can be used to withdraw cash.

III. Which is better: a Visa gift card or a Mastercard gift card?

Both cards have similar functions, and most big-name stores accept them. You will pay the same activation and replacement fees when you buy from them.

IV. Can I transfer Visa gift card money to my bank?

Yes, you can transfer the money from your gift card to your bank or take it as cash.

Final Takeaway

So, to sum it up, a Visa gift card can be used for various things.

Using a Visa gift card on PS4 is not difficult. Follow these steps to ensure you entirely use the gift cards available.

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