Everything you need to know about a Visa Gift card

Visa gift cards are big business today. Many companies use them for their merchant accounts. The holiday season is when these gift cards are in high demand. Many people purchase gift cards for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. They even carry prepaid Visa cards while shopping for the perfect gift.

People cannot get enough of these cards. It takes away the burden of finding the perfect gift for someone and lets them choose what they want. Read this article to learn all you need to know about visa gift cards and why they are popular.

What is a Visa Gift card?

The Visa Gift card is a prepaid card that is valid everywhere Visa cards are accepted. Visa Gift cards are pre-loaded with a specific amount of money and may be used for numerous transactions as long as the balance is enough. It is an amazing gifting alternative to give your loved ones as a Visa Gift card enables them to make purchases as per their choices.

Your card may be active when you acquire it, based on how it was bought. Or else, you’ll need to activate it so you can use it in stores, and in order to utilize it for online purchases, you’ll need to register your Visa gift card.

Important points to remember:

  • The Visa Gift card, just like any Visa card, bears the Visa mark and may be used at different locations that accept Visa cards, even online.
  • Whenever you purchase anything, just present the card to the retailer and verify the receipt, same as a credit card.
  • When you buy an item, the money is deducted from your card balance instantly. 
  • Unlike credit cards, Visa Gift cards can only be used upto the amount that is already on the card.
  • The card is only for domestic purposes if it reads “Valid only in Canada.” It means it can’t be used anywhere outside Canada.

Before moving on to “where can you use a Visa Gift card?” you need to make sure that your gift card is activated and registered.

Activate the Visa Gift card:

To use your Visa gift card for in-store or online transactions, it must first be activated. Activate your gift card on the card provider’s website, or contact the toll-free contact information provided on the back of the card.

Register the Visa Gift card:

Cardholders should register their cards online. This guarantees that the card is linked with the person and address. In addition, when a customer places an order, many shops utilize an Address Verification System to ensure that the card number verifies the billing address. This procedure helps to prevent illegal transactions when a card is lost or stolen.

Where can you use a Visa Gift card?

Make partial payment in stores:

Prior to making an online transaction, cardholders should always verify their Visa gift card balance. 

If the balance on your card is lower than the entire purchase price, you may be able to use the remaining balance to purchase a shop e-gift card. This is usually a code delivered to your email inbox. The e-gift card pin could then be applied to your entire amount.

Use your Visa Gift card for online purchases: 

You’ll be provided a number of payment choices during the payment process. First, you must pick the debit/credit card option and select a Visa card as your payment method. Next, add the card code and verification pin after entering your personal information, and that’s it your payment is complete. You can use the card on Amazon and other ecommerce sites as well.

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