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What fingers do bikers wear rings on?

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What fingers do bikers wear rings on?

MD: If you are confused about how to wear the biker’s rings, we got you covered with everything you need to know to make the right purchase.

Bikers are often understood to have an authentic lifestyle, cultural phenomenon and fashion. For most of them, being a biker is a personality trait, and they indulge in various attributes to reflect as a toughie. Many fashionists look up to their characteristic of catnip and bad guy, but it requires everything to be done right, including which finger to wear your biker rings on.

What fingers do bikers wear rings on?
Although this could be a challenging question to answer, it all comes down to one’s personal choice. While some prefer to wear the rings on the dominant hand as they wish people to notice them during handshakes, others choose the non-dominant hand for the ease of doing chores with the dominant hand.

As an unspoken rule, bikers usually prefer wearing rings on both hands and different fingers based on the significance of each finger.

Wearing biker rings on the thumb may not be very comfortable, but on the off chance that you wish to exhibit your manliness and self-assuredness, this is the best approach.

Index Finger:
A ring on the pointer, particularly on the right hand, unequivocally proclaims the desire of its owner, his thrust for power. It symbolizes the preference of giving an order than taking one.

Middle Finger:
It is the safest finger for ornaments for every individual, be a biker or not. Psychologically it represents a confident and independent man, thankful for his persistence.

Ring Finger:
As we all know, ring fingers are for wedding rings. Although the absence of it may not necessarily imply that a man is single, it is a choice to make if a biker wishes to make his status clear.

Pinky Finger:
Wearing ringers on the pinky finger may be a very conventional option; however, many creative individuals prefer having one on this digit. Psychologists state that having a ring on this digit implies restraining emotional impulses, whereas a few believe it to be a statement of a womanizer or a gambler.


1.What are biker rings made of?
Ans: Typically, biker rings were made of metals like bronze, brass or yellow-hued nickel. These days, they are popularly found in silver, stainless steel or gold in some cases where the biker wishes to boast of his ring.

2.What do biker rings mean?
Ans: Biker rings are more than just ornaments to most of them. It is a way of self-expression and communicating a biker’s values and beliefs without using words.

3.Why do bikers wear rings?
Ans: Although biker rings portray their beliefs, there are other reasons they wear rings: It is part of biker’s fashion, a great conversation starter, and it helps stand out by customizing their style.

4.Is the ring size Global? How do bikers figure out their ring size?
Ans: Bikers use a ring size conversion chart in order to determine their size and then purchase it from a store or online.

If you are a biker looking to wear rings, it’s best to figure out how you wish to carry them and what you want them to speak for you. Usually, wearing 2-3 rings on each hand is considered an unspoken rule, but we’d advise you to go for the theme you have chosen. Lastly, do not forget to make it match your look and remember- “Comfortable Fashion is Sustainable Fashion”

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