What is a Smart Power Strip and How to Use Them

What is a Smart Power Strip

Smart power strips are available with many whistles and bells but they have two standard components which are circuitry and electrical outlets that control and monitor outlets. Like if you plug a printer into a standard smart strip then it will go into standby status and its consumption of power will drop. The circuitry will detect the change and then cut the outlet’s power. The other outlets that are being used will stay on. Some smart strips also have unmonitored outlets that are always on. These outlets should be used if you want to plug in a device that always needs to stay on like an alarm system or a phone base.

You can also reduce your electricity use by monitoring outlets and cutting power to each outlet separately. You can group the devices together for cutting power like all the devices that would be used together such as a TV, Playstation 3, DVD player, A/V receiver, or speakers. Many power strips may let you combine these devices together so you can shut them off or switch them on together.

What is a smart power strip? It is an extremely convenient and useful tool for home use.

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How To Use Smart Strips?

When used correctly, smart strips can conserve a lot of energy. However, you must consider your electronics when buying smart strips so that they suit your needs. If you select a smart strip that utilizes a USB cord to determine power levels from PCs, then you must remember that some computers power USB ports at all times. If you have such a computer then a smart strip plugged in the USB port may never completely shut down. Nevertheless, there are computers that will allow you to configure whether the USB ports stay powered or shut down when you shut the PC. You can tweak a little and use such strips.

Smart strips that are plugged in the wall can have challenges when detecting power as well. If the strip does not have precise sensors to detect devices when they are in standby mode, the electronics can draw power even if they do not require it. Some strip models have some controls that will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of voltage. You can adjust that setting if you come across devices in a standby mode that should be completely shut off.

Motion detector strips may also have problems when used with certain kinds of devices. If you add a computer in these strips and leave the room without having saved your data, you may find that your PC has shut down and your work has been lost. Hence, motion strips may best be used with other devices such as lights that will not be affected by shutting down suddenly.

We hope you now understand how to use smart strips and will buy a strip that will help you save energy and reduce your electricity bill.

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