What is Instacart Shopper & Is it worth it?

Do you hate waiting in line in the shop? Instacart gives you the freedom to order grocery from the comfort of your homes. It offers a unique grocery shopping service from different retail stores across America and Canada.

What is an Instacart Shopper?

The first question that come to mind is how is Instacart different from numerous other online grocery shopping apps. Well, it is the ‘Instacart Shopper’ which sets this online shopping apart from its competitors.

  • An Instacart Shopper is your own personal shopper who will shop for you at your instructions.
  • Such a shopper brings the customers close to an in-store shopping experience without being present.
  • An Instacart Shopper saves time without compromising on the quality of your shopping.

Is Instacart Shopper worth it? Totally! Let us see why?

Customer Convenience:

All the customer has to do is fill their shopping carts from one or more stores which will then be picked by a “personal shopper”. 

Personal Touch:

The customer can leave notes on various items, such as telling the shopper how ripe the bananas must be. It is like you are shopping personally without putting in the time and effort.

Zero Interference:

The customer can choose a comfortable time for delivery and shopping, that can be as fast as an hour after placing your order or up to 5 days from placing the order. 

Full Control:

Once the order is complete, Instacart confirms via email and sends you a message when your personal shopper (one per store) starts. The shopper will inform the customer about all the details like availability of the product, non-availability and suitable replacement, time of completion of shopping, numerous payment options etc. 

Ability to Change:

In addition, if a product is sold or not available, your personal shopper will ask the customer about any replacement they want to purchase.

You Chose the Place:

In addition, Instacart is highly brand agnostic. It displays all stores in a particular area without showing any favors to any of them. It has a huge variety of stores it lists. This means that consumers can be loyal to the stores they are already using but also have the freedom to try any new ones.

Stops Unplanned Purchases:

If you’re the type of person who can’t get through the potato chips aisle without adding at least one unplanned item to your cart, you may find it easier to stick to your shopping list by doing all your purchases online.

Cost of an Instacart Shopper

There are two different fees that Instacart charges:

1. Delivery Fee

Orders less than $35 the charge is $7.99

Orders greater than or equal to $35 the charge is $3.99

2. Service Fee for the Shopper

A service fee if 5% is charged on every order with a minimum of $20.

Instacart Express

It is a service costing $9.99 monthly or $99 yearly which waives the delivery fee for all orders in that period. The service fee for the Instacart personal shopper is still mandatory to be paid.

Instacart Personal shopper will surely revolutionize the way customer’s shop. We hope the article has managed to answer both questions “What is Instacart Shopper?” & “Is Instacart Shopper worth it?” If you find this new way of shopping enticing why not try the same immediately. Try Now!!

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