What do Masons Do?

The purpose of this article is to discuss “What do Masons do?” and the numerous responsibilities of a Mason when he joins the community. Gradually when he advances through the degrees, he is given additional duties that make him strive to be a better person and live an ideal life. 

But before that, let’s briefly understand what Masonry is.

What is Masonry?

Masonry is committed to the Brotherhood of Man as per God’s principles. It employs a traditional method of training aimed at imparting personality and moral qualities in its members. Its sole objective is to improve the lives of good men. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that enables its members to follow the faith of their choice. The masonry community emphasizes that each individual is responsible for making the world a better place by improving themselves and assisting everyone else.

What do Masons do?

Following the roles and duties of a Mason (Freemason):

1. Responsibility towards the Lodge-

Each member has responsibilities and obligations to the organization to which he belongs. Many people get their three degrees and then stop caring about the Lodge. They appear to believe that it is the job of someone else to make the Lodge operate. The Lodge is thought to be like a mother who gave the masonic life to people.

2. Responsibility towards God:

A mason must never utter God’s name without the respectful fear that a person owes to his creator. He must seek God’s support in all his noble undertakings and regard him as the greatest blessing.

Mason is a spiritual man who trusts God. Before becoming a mason, a person must declare his belief in God. Freemasonry makes mention of God in all it does. It alludes to God, talks of God, and draws to God.

3. Responsibility to learn:

Freemasonry is divided into three degrees:

  • Entered Apprentice
  • Fellowcraft
  • Master Mason 

Like the applicant passes through each level, he has a better understanding of freemasonry’s symbolic concepts. He also commits to becoming a nice person. The ultimate goal of the mason is to attain the title of “master mason” and learn about all the aspects of freemasonry.

4. Responsibility towards humankind:

The purpose of Masonry is to promote the wellbeing and happiness of all people. Freemasonry inculcates in its members the belief that selflessness is a virtue and that giving is not only more fortunate than receiving but also more fulfilling.

5. Responsibility towards self:

Freemasonry “improves decent men.” simply put, what one receives out of Masonry is proportional to what one gives in. Those who enroll simply for the purpose of obtaining high credentials will realize that their lives do not enhance. At its core, freemasonry is about gathering individuals together from diverse areas of life and assisting one another in becoming better human beings.

Hence, when a person enters a community, he must concentrate on his own growth.

These were some of the primary responsibilities of a Mason (Freemason).

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