Elon Musk As The President of USA

Elon Musk? The President of the United States? Interesting! What will the country look like under his reign? Although he is a South African, this may not be possible in reality; let’s assume it was possible.

Let’s get cracking!

Investing in Research

We all know Musk’s love and fascination for Science. He will move the world to make the civilization on Mars happen (quite literally). Americans will become the first ones to settle there. NASA shall be funded more, and he will invest much in research. His prime goal would be to completely digitize the United States of America and make the country run on Artificial Intelligence. SpaceX will flourish, and he will send more satellites to outer space.

Musk’s focus is on making humanity progress digitally, and what dreams we saw of the world in 2060 might happen in 2024 if he contested for the ’24 elections. The development will be faster and better.

There is also a chance that Musk will do his best to find out if aliens exist with NASA’s support.

Sustainable Living

Musk will ensure that we focus on more sustainable living. There will be more emphasis on solar energy.

Speaking of this, Tesla will gain more traction, and he will ensure that people move to electric vehicles to avoid fuel exhaustion. Tesla, which uses electric vehicles, will be seen more on the streets, and other cars might be eradicated. All this can help enhance America’s economy.

Houses will be powered by solar energy, and water will be made reusable. Unclean water will be reused after going through several cleaning processes. He might construct structures and buildings that will be hurricane-proof.

He has already established SolarCity in California and also provides installations in some regions of 14 other states. He would promote Hyperloop and might add more routes.

Education and Job Oppurtunities

Musk believes that every man on Earth must work and help build a better future. More technological enhancement means more job openings. This way, Elon might help evade the job crisis to some degree.

He would also want every citizen of the United States to be educated. More emphasis will be on Science, but art and literature will not be left behind. He is fond of Japanese art called Ippitsuryu. So, he will promote art and culture.

He might establish more ventures as he did with OpenAI and Neuralink. The medicinal industry will boom, and he might install a better healthcare system. There will be advancements in medicine and biological research.

Cryptocurrency and Money

He might shift to cryptocurrency because he owns dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. He likes dogecoin for the memes and the doge, but there are chances that he might take crypto seriously. He would want transactions happening more digitally and save paper (again, emphasis on sustainable living).

Above all, Voting Campaign

His voting campaign will be very innovative. There will be holograms asking people to vote for him. Many tech nerds would straight up go to vote for him. He is living proof of growth and development, and his initiatives have been visible from when SpaceX and Tesla came into the picture. You never know; he might launch a Tesla for the general masses to garner more votes.

His campaigns will be fun and very cool, like his personality.


While it will be fun to have him as the next POTUS, it is essential to know that there are chances that some people might not take him seriously. They would want to know what other things he can do for the people and what form of government he supports. The United States would very certainly be well on its way. Of course, nothing here is guaranteed to occur. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have a person like him being the POTUS?

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