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Which Costco does Passport Photos?


Which Costco does Passport Photos?

Have queries but are unable to find the solution? You have reached the right place! This article will answer your queries related to Costco and its passport photo printing service.

Costco Wholesale, or simply just Costco, is a multinational company based in the United States that runs a network of membership-only big-box retailers. It offers a huge range of goods like celery, car tires and even eye care products. They are also the world’s largest retailer of prime beef, organic foods, and rotisserie chicken. On the Fortune 500 list of the top American companies by total sales, Costco was ranked #10 in 2021.

Let’s dive in and answer your questions about which Costco can you get your passport photos printed.


Which Costco does Passport Photos?

As of now, Costco does not provide in-store passport photos. You can get passport-size pictures online. From February 14, 2021, all photo centres that come under Costco have been shut-down. Now, Costco Photo Printout is the only way you can get your photos. Head to this link for getting passport-size pictures.

Cost of printing the photos

If you use the template postcard size 4 x 6 inches, it will cost you just 17 cents to print. The most affordable choice currently on the market is this template. Depending on the other sizes you choose, the price of printing will vary.

Other FAQs

I. What is the process for uploading the photos?

Go to the aforementioned link and then you will be directed to photoAiD. Once this is done, you can upload your image and easily get the images printed in a smoother and faster way.

The correct template for it would be 4 x 6. photoAiD automatically makes adjustments in your picture and gives you the results in no time.

II. What is photoAiD?

It is an online tool by Costco that helps in providing a passport-sized photo in just a few seconds. You save up to 40% of your money that would normally go into normal printing.

The procedure to upload on it is extremely smooth and hassle-free. It is also user-friendly. All you need is your smartphone to snap the picture and it will easily get digitized.

III. Are there any alternatives to photoAiD?

Yes, of course! You will find plenty of them online that can be used as a photo editor. Here is a list of the alternatives:


To sum it up, Costco has stopped providing services since 2021. You can no longer get passport photos at Costco. You can use other ways to get the pictures printed like you can use photoAiD for that purpose. Other places can also involve Walmart. I hope this article helped

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