If you are a budding entrepreneur, you must have come across a number of small and large businesses on social media. But, what is the purpose of businesses and companies using social media? This is an article that will tell you why companies use social media and can help you reflect on whether or not your company should do the same?


When we say a company is on social media, it is usually referred to a company having social media presence on one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, We Chat, Tumblr, Youtube, Tik Tok, etc. The account on such platforms are representative of your whole company and hence, must be handled by responsible and trustworthy members of your company.


In the modern-day, social media platforms have become essentials for many. Everyone visits at least one social media platform at least once or twice a day. Hence, these platforms have thousands and thousands of people who view content here. Social media platforms thus are good for your company because:

  • They are a great place for advertising products and services:

Since the viewership of content on social media platforms is so large, these platforms become a good place for small and large companies to use as a marketing place. You can advertise your products through pictures, short and long videos, audio, etc.

  • Presence of influencers:

Many social media platforms have influencers who appear to be common people but influence the lifestyles of others by a show of the products they use. Such influencers regularly post pictures of themselves and people tend to know them better. Hence, people trust them more than they would trust an advertisement where the actors are not known by the people.

why do companies use social media?

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  • They can boost your accounts through a fee:

Many social media platforms when paid, can boost your accounts and your content to reach a larger audience and hence reel in more people without much effort.

  • An easy and convenient experience for customers:

People today buy something online almost every day. If your company is present on online platforms it becomes easily accessible to people and they are more likely to buy something online as compared to visiting your shop.

  • Directs people to your website:

Very often you may have a website where you could be selling products and services but not many people may know of its existence. Social media directs people to such websites with just a tap, bringing more customers to your website.

  • Easy and free marketing:

Once a person likes your product it is very easy for them to share their reviews on their accounts and spread the word in their network. This helps companies advertise their products with not much investment at all. The only thing they must focus on is getting good reviews by enhancing the quality.

Hence, whether or not you have a physical shop, it is always great if businesses have an online presence on social media.


What platforms should a company use, is entirely dependent on the products and services they sell and the target group of your company. Hence, you should strategically plan your advertisements depending on the nature of the social media platform users for each platform.

For example, Facebook has a number of young and old people, however, Instagram is used more by younger groups. Hence, your advertisements and marketing campaigns must be designed depending on the nature and age group of the social media platform users and the consumer base your company is targetting.


All in all, social media is a good place not just for established companies but also ones that are just starting off. The diversity and breadth of the people on such platforms are so vast, that you are bound to find a consumer base. However, one must always be careful because one bad review on social media spreads like a wildfire, and can be a step back for your company.

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