Sometimes in spite of buying the best Wi-Fi connection in the market, you fail to get good connectivity. This is usually the case when you have a house with multiple stories, with multiple layers of walls and ceilings which are likely to degrade your connectivity.

The solution to your problem is thus, to set up a Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-fi extender will help increase the range of your Wi-Fi router which will help any house with more than just one floor to seamlessly surf the internet.

So, which is the best Wi-Fi extender for a house that has three stories? Read more to find the top 3 Wi-Fi extenders for a three-story house with details and their prices.


1. Amped Wireless Athena-EX High Power AC2600

This is one of the most powerful Wi-Fi extenders in the market with MU-MIMO that is able to get through strong walls and multiple floors as well.

Best wifi extender for 3 story house

Price: $180


  • Extends upto a range of 15,000 sq.ft.
  • 16 powerful amplifiers and 4 high gain antennas
  • Allows streaming in HD and 4K media
  • Delivers a speed up tp 2.4 GHz 800 Mbps + 5GHz 1733 Mbps
  • 1.45Hz Dual Core Qualcomm processor
  • Universal Compatibility

2. TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Extender

This is another one of the best Wifi Extenders that can be used for a three-story house that can allow an entire family to have a lag-free Wi-Fi experience.

best wifi extender for three story house

Price: $35.2


  • Extends coverage upto 2000 sq.ft
  • Can connect upto 32 devices
  • Access point of 2.5GHz- 450 Mbps; 5GHz- 1300 Mbps
  • Easy and Fast set up
  • 3 adjustable external antennas
  • Can be moved
  • Signal light indicators
  • RE button
  • Universal compatibility

3. Netgear Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX7700

Houses with three stories or more should try using this Wifi Extender. Although the price is at the higher end, it comes with excellent features.

Best wifi extender for three story house

Price: $145


  • Can extend the range upto 2300 sq.ft.
  • Light weight
  • Can connect upto 45 devices
  • Provides upto 2200 Mbps
  • Uses a tri-band and patented FastLane 3 technology
  • Can be used for heavy duty 4K, HD streaming
  • Safe and secure
  • Simple and easy installation

Where should you place a wifi extender in a three-story house?

No matter what Wi-Fi extender you end up choosing for your 3 story house, you must ensure that it is positioned or located at a common or central place and at the same time must be reasonably close to your main router. This will help all rooms get good connectivity and ensure there are no dead zones in your house.

Best place to keep it in 3 story house

The placement of the WiFi has to be done strategically to achieve maximum coverage. There are two ways to approach this:
– If all your devices are on the same floor, it is ideal to have the router placed on that floor.
If you have devices on multiple floors, the best place for the router would be right in the middle of the second floor. This will provide even coverage.

In conclusion, you must take into consideration the size of your house, the purpose of the Wi-Fi, and the materials your house is built with, to ensure that you get the best connection possible.

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