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Does wireless charging work through OtterBox cases?

does wireless charging work through otterbox


Does wireless charging work through OtterBox cases?

OtterBox provides military-grade phone cases that protect your phone from falls, dirt and scratches. OtterBox cases are designed to carry out your day-to-day activities freely and to take up rigorous activities without worrying about your phone falling and shattering.

We shall explain whether wireless charging is possible with an OtterBox case on your phone. Let’s get cracking!

Wireless charging through OtterBox cases

The answer is yes, you can wirelessly charge your phone with the case on, and most wireless chargers work with these cases. As a matter of fact, OtterBox has developed its own wireless charging system called OtterSpot. If your phone cannot charge via a wireless charger, you can give the OtterSpot wireless charger a shot.

OtterBox has some amazing cases that protect your phone from dust and scratches and avoids shattering in case your phone falls down. These durable cases are trusted by many, and apple also recommends OtterBox products for iPhone users.


OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Chargers

You can also try Otterbox’s other product, the OtterSpot wireless chargers. You can easily charge your phones even with a case on. It is portable; anyone can carry it around anywhere. It comes with one charging base and a battery. All you have to do is place your phone on the base, and the charging will begin.

Click HERE to check it now.

Other wireless charging systems that work best with the OtterBox cases:


I. Do I need to remove my case to charge my device wirelessly?

No, the Otterbox cases are designed in such a way that you need not remove your phone case to charge your phones. If your phone is not charging well with your current wireless charging system, try removing the case, as some wireless systems may not be compatible with the case. However, this rarely occurs.

II. Are OtterBox products worth it?

Yes, they absolutely are. Their cover is durable that protects your phone from any damage. In our opinion, they are worth the money.

III. Do they have cases for other brands other than Apple?

Yes, they make cases for other brands, like Samsung, Google, Huawei and more. You can check their website to learn more about their products.


To sum it up, Otterbox cases allow you to wirelessly charge your device and, at the same time, secure your devices from any damage. Your phone type, brand, and your wireless charging systems play a part in ensuring a smooth charging experience.

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