Withdraw money from my cash app card

With the Cash App, now you no longer need to go to the bank when you want to withdraw money. You may often go to a bank to deposit or withdraw money, only to find queues that may waste your time when you could have been working instead. You get a free debit card with the Cash App that lets you withdraw money from ATMs. Money can also be withdrawn without going to an ATM through the Cash App. Read further to know the answer to where can I withdraw money from my cash app card?

How to Use The Cash App

All you need is a network and a phone to use the Cash App. This app is available in iOS as well as Android so if you have either, you can download the Cash App and enjoy the company services. Everything is digital now and you cannot stay behind. This App has over seven million users as of now, only in the USA.

Can You Trust The Cash App?

This app seems trustworthy because of its extensive usage. You can feel confident that your money will be secure. The transactions can also not leak. The password is secured all the time. The Cash App has a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance. You can transfer money to the Cash App or from the app without stressing about losing money.

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Where can I Withdraw Money from my Cash App Card?

If your account in the Cash App has money and you are wondering how to withdraw it, then it is a simple process. You get a debit card with the app which can be used in stores and online to buy services and goods. It can also be used at ATM points to withdraw money.

First, you must download the Cash App on your phone. You can log in to your cash app account through a computer as well.

1. Open the App on your phone or log in to the app using your computer.
2. Look for the ‘$’ and choose the ‘My Cash’ option.
3. Select the ‘Cash Out’ tab. It is below the total cash app balance in your account.
4. Write the amount you wish to transfer and then review the information.
5. Select the ‘Cash Out’ tab and select Instant Deposit Or Standard Deposit.

Fees on Withdrawal

You do not have to pay any fees on standard deposits, however, they take a long time. They may happen within 3 business days. The instant deposit choice will have money transferred within 30 minutes but it has a 1.5% fee with a minimum of $0.25 as a fee.

Spend Your Cash App Money Without A Card

You cannot spend your cash app money at stores without a card as of now. You can transfer the money to someone else, and they can use their card or you will have to carry your card to make purchases at stores. You can also sign up to get a free Cash Card.

So, to answer your question, where can I withdraw money from my cash app card? You can withdraw at all ATMs and also spend money at physical stores.

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