How do CryptoKitties work? A comprehensive guide for Beginners

The phenomenon of CryptoKitties has taken over the blockchain industry. It has been receiving unprecedented attention and, in fact, emerging as one of the most popular categories in the world of digital assets. To give you an idea of how CryptoKitties work, it’s essential to understand the basics of this blockchain-based game.

FAQ’s about CryptoKitties

1. How can I make money with CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties is one of the first games created on an open ledger technology. The game’s primary theme is to let the players hold, collect, and breed digital kitties. The game also allows the users to sell virtual kitties for real money. Every cat involved in the game is unique and cannot be replicated. Also, the ownership is exclusive, and there is no way in which virtual kittens can be destroyed.

What Determines Value of CryptoKitties?

The value of a particular kitty is determined by its rarity – the rarer the cat, the more value it commands among buyers. For example, if all players decide to breed cats with blue eyes, it will drive down the value of these kittens. The value also depends upon the user’s perspective and what particular characteristics they value the most for a specific cat.

2. How to play CryptoKitties?

The game of CryptoKitties is available on the Ethereum blockchain network, and its popularity can be estimated from the fact that up till now, more than 12 million dollars have been used in the trading of these virtual cats. The procedure to play CryptoKitties is as follows:

  • Players can start playing the game without having any cats, although the very first thing they need to do is to buy one. The marketplace for the trading of kitties is user-friendly and one can complete the purchase process without any difficulty.
  • It is possible to start playing the game with a single cat, but to breed a new cat, two cats are required.
  • Given that all cats are unique, the process of breeding is a child’s play.
  • One can start the breeding process by selecting two cats and then pushing a button to make a virtual egg available in the inventory. Further, player needs to click on the egg to begin the hatching process, and subsequently, one will get the extra kitten in the inventory.

3. Which Algorithm runs CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties is a game that runs on the “Genetic Algorithm” based on blockchain technology. The remarkable thing about this Algorithm is that it works along the lines of actual genetics. In other words, every kitten has the DNA which contains the information related to that particular cat. This information is available on the code that determines the looks and appearance of the kitten, among many other things.

4. What role do Smart Contracts Play?

Just like the human beings where the DNA decides our major physiological characteristics, including weight, height, colour, hairs, etc., the genes. In the case of CryptoKitties the genes determine their colour, stripes, facial expressions, and fur patterns, among others. The actual data related to the kittens, the breeding process, and the genes are stored in smart contracts that are handled on the Ethereum Blockchain.

5. Should I invest in CryptoKitties in 2022?

CryptoKitties offers a decent chance to make money online. Still, before making any investment, it’s recommended that one should study and analyze the entire domain of this blockchain-based game thoroughly. Remember, the uniqueness and rarity of the kitten are keys to fetching maximum returns on your investment.

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