Addressing a group of 7th graders brings with it its own set of challenges and delight. Most likely the teachers or guardians will be the ones who want to inspire these youngsters. To reach these youngsters the journey is long and arduous but the destination beautiful.

Here is a guide to easily tackle the task of writing an engaging motivational speech for Grade 7 learners.

1. Know You Audience

When you are looking to give a motivational speech for grade 7  learners it is important to relate to them.

  • Grade 7 children are generally in the age bracket of 10 to 13 years.
  • It is a period of change when children start acting more adult-like but do not really have the maturity.
  • Stressful and anxious period of their life. They are highly impatient and want instant gratification.
  • Try to relate to their fears and give them the key to overcome them.
  • Believe in their greatness and speak to unlock that greatness.

2. Be sure of the ‘Why’ behind your speech.

  • What do you intend to achieve at the end of this speech?
  • Do you want them to devote more time to academics, or learn an instrument or do household chores; the goal is what decides the path to take.
  • Do not wander off topic or make the speech a general diatribe they hear every day.

3. Keep asking questions

  • Asking questions will allow you to engage the attention of your young audience.
  • Create some story with a moral and ask the children as to how the characters should proceed. What will happen if they do the opposite thing?
  • This will engage the young minds and invigorate them.

4. Be Creative

  • When addressing kids, never follow the usual route. Always be different to catch their attention.
  • Incorporate unique acts like giving small trinkets to children who answer, use of music, visual aid etc.

5. Tell a Compelling Story

  • The best way to reach any body is through a story.
  • The best story is your story. May be something in which you were in a similar position and how you came out of it. It can also be someone whom these children can relate to.
  • Make sure to give vivid details to make it riveting.

6. Connect at an Emotional Level and not Factual Level

  • Children are very sensitive to feelings. However, they do not respond to being told what to and rebel against it.
  • So, be real and reach the children emotionally to inspire them.
  • Make sure they relate to what you say. Be cheery and make them laugh.

7. Show the Path but let them Walk

  • Always gently guide them. Let them explore the path with you and reach their own destinations.
  • 7th grade leaners are at a stage where they want to be independent.
  • So, giving them that freedom will keep them engaged and with you.
  • If they answer your questions, follow your story and start connecting with you they will find the final goal on their own. This is the best and lasting form of encouragement.

8. Do not Nag

  • These children keep hearing repetitive ideas like be honest, be hard working, make goals and so on and so forth.
  • They learn to tune it out. So never nag. Let your speech be an interaction and not an instruction.

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Read more about teenagers here. At the end of the day always remember be yourself and be true while giving the motivational speech for grade 7 learners, as children identify generic advice and tune out very easily.

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