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X Seed 4000 VS Burj Khalifa

x seed 4000 vs burj khalifa


X Seed 4000 VS Burj Khalifa

It’s basic human nature to compare two things and reach the ultimate conclusion just for the sake of his knowledge. And this regular burst of comparing two things enhances our knowledge and teaches us something. So, today this article will be comparing two gigantic skyscrapers, so with no further delay, let’s dive straight into it. Let’s look at ‘X seed 4000 vs Burj Khalifa.’

X Seed 4000 vs Burj Khalifa

Let us look at the following table comparing X Seed 4000 & Burj Khalifa.

  Burj Khalifa X Seed 4000
Status Real Hypothetical
Height 829.8 metre  4000 metre 
Location Dubai, UAE Tokyo, Japan
Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Taisei Corporation
Achievement World’s tallest structure since its completion in 2009 till today. World’s tallest hypothetical building ever conceived by anyone.
Number of Floors 163 800

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Burj Khalifa

Who hasn’t heard of this beautiful building spreading its glory in Dubai, UAE?

  • The skyscraper is also known as the “Khalifa Tower” and is 829.8 m high.
  • This beautiful building has been the tallest structure ever built in history since 2009.
  • The Khalifa Tower was officially named to honor Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of UAE.
  • A Chicago-based industrial firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill handled the designing of this while Adrian Smith was the architect of this gigantic building.
  • This building has broken several records and holds the record for being the “The world’s tallest freestanding structure”, “the world’s highest occupied floor”, “Building with the maximum floors”, “the world’s highest outdoor observation deck” & many others.

Burj Khalifa

So, this was all about the tallest building, the “Burj Khalifa”. Now let’s find out about X Seed 4000.

X Seed 4000

The most basic difference between Burj Khalifa and X Seed 4000 is that Burj Khalifa is an actual building standing tall in Dubai, whereas X Seed 4000 was just an idea printed somewhere on the lost papers of architecture.

  • Technically X Seed 4000 was a concept mega tall skyscraper.
  • Martin Pascoe, the person behind this astonishing idea, stated that the skyscraper will be 4 Km high, which was obviously the highest building someone could ever dream of.
  • The idea behind building the design of this building was to not only get attention and break all the records but also had a space reserved for 500,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants.
  • This building is the tallest skyscraper ever conceptualized.

What was the basic idea behind this design?

Now the most definite question is, what was the idea behind this design? Georges Binder, managing director of Buildings & Data, once said that “X Seed 400 was never meant to be built.” It was in fact designed to just to gain some recognition and pant the seeds of this possibility in the minds of people, which they ultimately succeeded in.

What are the reasons X Seed 4000 cannot be built?

So, here are few reasons such a lofty building is currently not a possibility:

  • The air gets thinner as we keep going higher and higher and this could be a major problem for the inhabitants.
  • Weather can be rough sometimes, increasing the chances of misshaping.
  • Such tall buildings are very much prone to earthquakes. So, the danger is always present.

Hope this article clarifies and unravels the ‘X Seed 4000 vs Burj Khalifa’ conundrum. You can also check this video on different skyscrapers.

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