How To Act When You Are Mad At Your Boyfriend

Do you often wonder how to act when you are mad at your boyfriend? We often express our anger in immature ways. How often do you properly communicate with your boyfriend by telling him that you understand he is not intentionally trying to make you mad but regardless of that, you are angry. How often do you wish to communicate and sort issues and go back to being good after a fight?

How To Act When You Are Mad At Your Boyfriend

When you are angry, your first impulse will be to lash out. You may feel relieved for a second but it will damage your relationship and hurt you both which will keep you both unhappy.
Many people work meticulously in order to avoid arguing with each other. However, it is better to speak up when things hurt you so that small disagreements can be communicated and sorted out quickly.

Ignoring Problems Will Not Solve Them

Many people dislike bringing up tiny problems. It is our instinct to avoid starting a fight. However, if you don’t fight, you are also giving away the chance of forming a connection. If you do not address hard feelings and pain, it builds up. It could erode your goodwill to the point that you no longer love that person or you get so upset that you will never be able to control your anger when you do talk about it. If you have pent-up hard feelings, you will blow up, instead of calmly communicating.

However, you are a smart person. You can learn how to act when you are mad at your boyfriend.

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Things Not to Do-

  1. Do not let your boyfriend guess the reason why you are angry. You will not get what you want if you only communicate in glowering looks.
  2. If your boyfriend asks you if something is wrong, do not answer with “you must know already!”
  3. There should not be any name-calling involved. You should not blame his mother, bring up other issues or comment on how he was raised.
  4. Do not compare your boyfriend to different people like “Your brother would never have commented on that, so why are you?” Your boyfriend will feel invalidated because of this and their feeling and complaint will remain unresolved while deepening the distance between you.

Things To Do-

  1. Tell your boyfriend that you are angry and also tell him the reason why you are angry.
  2. Tell him in simple and straight words. For example, ” I am angry because you are late. I was stressed at work and I made dinner for the family without any help from you.”
  3. Use Clean anger. It is focused and specific on behavior instead of personality. Clean anger works really well and will help you get your message across without sounding hurtful.
  4. Check if you feel anything other than anger. Are you mad about something that happened just then or do you have a deeper issue that is making you worried and you feel it is not as vital to him? Are you wondering about how he feels when it comes to you?

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