Is Zelle safe for Facebook Marketplace or not?

Zelle is a US-based online payment service provider with which you can transfer money from your bank account to another account fast and efficiently. People often ask, is Zelle safe for Facebook Marketplace? And we’re here to provide the answer. 

Is Zelle safe for Facebook Marketplace?

The response to this query will be yes and no. Zelle is an excellent app for smooth transactions, but many scammers can try to scam you in various ways.

How does the Zelle Facebook marketplace scam work?

The most well-known scam that scammers use to trick people on Zelle includes them posing as buyers interested in buying costly items. They will then ask for the seller’s email address or phone number to send money via Zelle.

The scammers will send the sellers a fake email from Zelle requesting an upgrade to a Zelle business account to get the money. The buyer/scammer will claim that they also got the same email and will even offer to pay the upgradation fee along with the purchase amount to entice their victims.

After that, they will try to get a refund of that upgradation fee with fake screenshots of payments before you can check your account to verify the transaction.

How to avoid scams on Zelle?

  •  It is essential to know that one cannot upgrade their Zelle account.
  •  Zelle never sends an email about Facebook marketplace transactions, so if you ever get one, it is a scam.
  •  If you get a quick response from someone who wants to buy something immediately or at a higher price, stall the transaction for at least 24 hours. As genuine buyers, they should ask more questions before paying.
  • If someone declares you need a business account to receive the payment, check Zelle’s policies or contact their customer support to get clarification from their end.
  • Do not take more amount. It might be a scammer trying to lure you into refunding them.
  • Report all these scams to the Facebook marketplace.


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1) Is it safe to accept Zelle payments from strangers?

It depends. The official website of Zelle clearly states that you should only send or receive payment from friends and family you trust. But again, it should be fine if you transact with your Zelle without disclosing any sensitive information.

2) What is the safest way to pay on Facebook Marketplace?

The safest way to pay in the Facebook marketplace is through PayPal or Facebook Messenger.

3) Will Zelle refund money if scammed?

If you can report a scam to Zelle immediately, there is a chance of you getting your money back, but that will not always be the case. Many of the banks might refuse to cooperate with Zelle and vice versa.

4) Is Zelle safe for sellers?

Zelle is safe if you transact with people you know and believe in.

Wrapping It Up

Like every other online payment platform, Zelle has its drawbacks, but it is a great method to carry out faster transactions. Hence, to use it safely, it is vital to be wary of all the scams going around over the internet.

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